Wearable Music Player with Fitness Tracker


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Images of Wearable Music Player with Fitness Tracker
Images of Wearable Music Player with Fitness Tracker

Run to your own beat

Smart B-Trainer keeps you motivated, making training fun and effective by combining your favourite exercise tracks with advanced fitness tracking. Use the smartphone app to manage your workouts with smart training menus and more.

Make the most of each day

Plan workouts to reach personal goals. Whether it's losing weight, building endurance or running a marathon, Smart B-Trainer helps you establish an efficient training cycle to maximise each day's training: Plan > Train > Review > Next Step. Let your favourite tracks and voice guidance coach help you reach your goal.


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Use the smartphone app to select training menus for your current fitness level and goals. Then simply transfer your training menus to Smart B-Trainer and start training.

Enjoy fun and effective training support

Download the smartphone application for training data and feedback. The Smart B-Trainer smartphone app allows you review and analyse training data from each workout for instant feedback on performance, or over time to visualise growth. Use the app alone on your smartphone, or seamlessly sync your training data from the all-in-one Smart B-Trainer fitness tracker and headphones with built-in music player.

Train smarter

Use customised training menus with set goals (time, distance, calories burnt, average pace) for specific days, for heart rate-based, fat-burning, stamina-increasing sessions.

Basic Training


Charged and loaded with menus and music, slip on the headphones and start training. Smart B-Trainer automatically plays music and voice guidance for fun, efficient workouts.

Your own personal trainer

All-in-one fitness tracker and music player uses 6 sensors (heart rate, accelerometer, GPS, compass, gyroscope, barometer) to track your training. Smart B-Trainer helps you set and reach your personal goals by providing useful training feedback before, during and after your workouts. Adding new levels of fun and efficiency to your training based on your target heart rate and personal goals, Smart B-Trainer records vital training information for continuous inspiration that will keep you coming back for more.

Automatically track your training

Compact design is equipped with a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS tracker, compass, gyroscope, and barometer.

Heart rate sensor

Heart rate sensor







Electric compass

Electric compass



11 Training data

11 types of training data

Get the data you need. Smart B-Trainer records heart rate, calories burned, distance, time, speed, pace, pitch, steps, strides, route, and altitude to better assess training.

Voice guidance and audio coaching

Focus on you. Get feedback without checking screens or operating buttons. Smart B-Trainer periodically plays voice guidance or audio coaching with heart rate and distance.

Voice Guidance & Audio Coaching
Let your music pace you

Let your music pace you

Train to music. Smart B-Trainer uses target heart rate to automatically select tracks matching tempo to training, slowing you down or speeding you up to keep you on target.

Headphones with built-in music player

All-in-one headphones with built-in 16 GB music player holding some 3900 songs, plays music to match target heart rate, keeping you motivated and on track toward your goals.

Headphones with built-in music player


Retrace your steps. After workouts, wirelessly transfers recorded running logs to the smartphone app to review and assess your training results for immediate feedback.

Visually assess your training

Use 11 types of data to visualize training. After workouts, sync data to the smartphone app (summary data, graphs, lap times, music playback list) for visual assessment.

  • Summary data
  • Lap times
  • Graphs
  • Music playback list
Train with family & friends

Train with family & friends

Share your strides towards personal training goals. Share training results and progress with family or friends via social networks for added motivation and personal feedback.

Next Step

Plan your next steps with data. Track your progress using previous training data to visualis trends providing the vital details you need to map your path to success.

See your progress

See the road ahead. Review training sessions to compare distance and time performance over time by day, month, etc. Learn your tendencies and apply them for future growth.

  • Distance and time
  • Monthly log
  • Daily log

Keep your hardware in shape

Waterproofed against water jets from any direction and immersion to three meters, Smart B-Trainer will keep you on track through sweat, rain, and post workout cleanings.

Waterproof design

Waterproof design

Waterproof (IPX5/IPX8)* for rain, sweat, and washing.

Easy music transfer

Easy music transfer

Easily transfer workout tracks from a Windows PC or Mac®.

Take your call at ease

Hands free calling

Never miss a call while you train with hands-free calling.

Smart B-Trainer keeps you motivated, making training fun and effective by combining your favorite workout tracks with advanced fitness tracking. Use the smartphone app to manage your workouts with smart training menus, and more. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build endurance, get ready for a marathon or anything, you can train with an efficient training cycle (Plan > Training > Review > Next Step) while listening to music and receiving voice guidance to reach your goal. 
  • Advanced fitness tracking and heart-rate monitor

  • Wearable All-in-one music Player

  • 16GB on-board music storage

  • JIS/IEC waterproof grade (IPX5/IPX8*) equivalent

  • Easy Bluetooth® connectivity with NFC One-touch

Internal sensor
Heart rate, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, barometer
Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant)
Approx. weight
43 g
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