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Brand and Business Management - Product Marketing Specialist - TWMC 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 1. Managing product category's overall business in Taiwan market and to realize targets in sales volume, profit and share. 2. Propose and discuss future product lineups and roadmaps with HQ to continue business growth in response to local customer demands. 3. Analyze detailed market trends in different segments including feature/channel/price/ competitors then propose overall business plan in monthly basis. 4. Develop annual sales plan and marketing budget(P/L); Monitor and control category's business P/L status every month. 5. Frequent communications with professional videographers to understand customer trends and product feedback.
  1. 1. Rich knowledge of using photography or videography equipment, video production-related experience is a plus. 2. Provide experience in P/L management or inventory control. 3. Strong communication or presentation skill. 4. Able to work independently and take responsibility of business outcome.
SCM Specialist - ADMT 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 1. Semiconductor supply chain management 2. Order maintain and related system operation 3. Monthly KPI report 4. Customer and partner coordination
  1. 1. Logical thinking 2. Well communication & data analysis skills are required
Business Solution Specialist - LGST 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 1. Coordinate with Supplier and inter-company 2. Monitor Logistics supplier operation performance and manage KPI achievement 3. Generate logistics data and analyze logistics expenses. 4. Coordinate with overseas shipping facility for quality control 5. Support assigned projects planning and solutions.
  1. 1. Logistic thinking and data sensitivity. 2 Well communication and data analysis skills are required. 3. High passion, patient and circumspect.
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