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Marcom Specialist 廣告行銷專員 TWMC 消費性電子產品行銷總部 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Collaborate with product team and develop communication strategy aligned with business objective
  2. Create and execute integrated communication plans which include ATL, BTL, roadshow, PC show and marketing activities
  3. Manage media and advertising agencies to work out effective campaigns
  4. Allocate and control annual advertisement budget to achieve sales objective
  1. 4 years 4A advertising agency experience
  2. Full experience of advertising creation, media buying and event management
  3. Good communication skill for related parties such as sales, PM and agencies
  4. Be good at strategic and logical thinking
  5. Be sensitive to aesthetic and detail-oriented
Trade Market Specialist 通路行銷專員 TWMC 消費性電子產品行銷總部 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Creating a trade marketing strategy and communicating this to the marketing/ sales team
  2. PSI control, daily sales monitoring and analysis for achieving monthly/ annual target
  3. Prepare trade promotional plan in designated channels with crucial customers
  4. New business model and joint promotion planning
  5. Creating trade marketing plans for individual products and product ranges
  1. 3 years experience in product or trade marketing field
  2. Fluent in English for writing and speaking
  3. Strong commercial outlook and an ability to drive revenue growth through marketing
  4. Highly motivated and passionate about trade marketing
Sales Specialist 營業專員 消費性電子產品行銷總部 TWMC (工作地點:台北) 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 企業客戶開發及拜訪
  2. 異業合作提案/協調/執行
  3. 新商業模式提案/開發/商談
  1. 正面積極, 具備創新的思維並樂於實踐
  2. 抗壓性強, 善與人溝通, 勇於接受挑戰並具學習熱忱
  3. 良好溝通能力 (諳國、台語, 具備英文基礎聽說讀寫能力者佳)
  4. 諳電腦文書處理及簡報技巧
  5. 有汽機車駕照, 自備交通工具者佳
  6. (工作地點:台北)
FAE ADMT-TTSC 應用零組件行銷總部 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Provide technical & application support to customer
  2. Conduct professional training courses for agent and customers
  3. Gather market intelligence and feedback to Japan HQ
  4. Require long-term support in China
  1. CMOS sensor related technical skill
  2. Work experience in camera module manufacturer, ODM/OEM
  3. +2 years experience (Full knowledge) in 3D sensing or AR/VR with module HW and SW is a plus
  4. Optical skill of laser of Collimator for 3D sensing is a plus
  5. Japanese language skill is a plus
Product Marketing Specialist 消費性電子產品行銷總部 TWMC 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Managing product category’s over-all business in Taiwan market and to realize targets in sales volume, profit and share.
  2. Propose and discuss future product lineups and roadmaps with HQ to continue business growth in response to local customer demands.
  3. Analyze detailed market trends in different segments including feature/channel/price/competitors then propose overall business plan in monthly basis.
  4. Develop annual sales plan and marketing budget (P/L); monitor and control category’s business P/L status every month.
  5. Set and drive product positioning and channel strategy and close communicate with related departments such as sales and Marcom to ensure everyone is heading in same direction.
  6. Managing both company and market inventory, quick response to problem inventory
  1. Minimum 1~2 years solid marketing experience, experience in consumer
  2. electronic fields is a plus.
  3. Proved experience in P/L management or PSI control is a plus.
  4. Strong communication and presentation skill.
  5. Strong team player and result oriented.
  6. Passionate in consumer electronic products and strong interest to learn and
  7. understand new technology.
  8. Fluent in spoken and written English and Mandarin.
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