Full Specifications & Features


Headphone amplifier

Output power
Balanced: 1200mW + 1200mW (32ohms 1kHz 1%) Unbalanced: 300mW + 300mW (32ohms 1kHz 1%)
8-600 ohms
Frequency response
4Hz-80kHz (-3dB)
Playing frequency range
Gain Switch
Yes (High / Low)


Headphone output
Balanced ; Balanced standard (4.4 mm in diameter) 3-pole mini (balanced connection, 3.5 mm in diameter) × 2 XLR4 (balanced 4-pin) Unblanced ; Standard (6.3 mm in diameter) Stereo mini (3.5 mm in diameter)
XLR4 pin assignment
1:L+, 2:L-, 3:R+, 4:R-
Other input/output
Walkman® / Xperia™ Input USB-B Input COAXIAL Input OPTICAL Input LINE L/R Input PRE OUT(Variable / Fixed)

Supported audio formats

Sampling frequency/bit depth
DSD native (up to 22.4MHz) DSD DoP (up to 11.2 MHz) PCM (up to 768 kHz/32 bit)
Walkman®/Xperia TM port
PCM 2ch ; 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 / 352.8 / 384 kHz (16 / 24 / 32 bit) DSD 2ch Native; 2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2 MHz (1 bit) DSD 2ch DoP ; 2.8 / 5.6 MHz(1 bit)
USB type-B port
PCM 2ch ; 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 / 352.8 / 384 / 705.6 / 768 kHz (16 / 24 / 32 bit) DSD 2ch Native ; 2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2 / 22.4 MHz (1 bit) DSD 2ch DoP; 2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2MHz (1 bit)
Coaxial Input jack
PCM 2ch ; 32 / 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz (16 / 24 bit)
Optical input jack
PCM 2ch ; 32 / 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz (16 / 24 bit)

Audio enhancement

DSD Remastering Engine
Yes (Convert to DSD 11.2MHz)
8x over sampling
Yes (Upscale to PCM 384kHz / 32bit)
Standard / Female Vocal / Male Vocal / Percussion / Strings
D.C. Phase Linearizer
Left/right balance adjustment


Music playback software supported
Hi-Res Audio Player / Media Go
Display dimmer
Detachable Power Cord
Power requirements
120V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Power consumption (standby)
Auto Standby
Yes (default : ON)
Remote commander
Dimensions W×H×D (mm)
210mm (W) x 65mm (H) x 314mm (D) (including projecting parts and controls)
Weight (kg)

What's In The Box

  • Remote control
  • AC power cord (mains lead)
  • Digital cable for Walkman®
  • USB cable (USB-A/USB-B)
  • R03 (size AAA) batteries


Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Superior digital amplification

Our non-feedback S-Master technology maintains the purity of dynamic, straight digital sound. Our new D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit takes this one step further, enhancing its precision and sound quality with an analog feed-forward amp. The analog amplifier corrects the errors caused by switching amplification.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Optimal signal correction

S-Master amplifies music signals digitally without signal loss. High impedance headphones require high power but this can create a difference between the actual and ideal signal. The analog amplifier can correct these signal deficiencies for a cleaner, more natural sound. 

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Preserving the feeling

Capturing every note and nuance with DSEE HX™. Experience your music as the artist intended, in near High-Resolution Audio quality. Our new DSEE HX™ upscaling technology features four additional modes to the standard: female vocal, male vocal, percussions and strings, for optimal sound reproduction.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Convert any source to DSD

Personalising sound with the new DSD Remastering Engine. Offering double the conversion accuracy of previous models, the new DSD Remastering Engine let you convert all PCM music sources into DSD 11.2MHz.  The technology utilises FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to convert any signal into the DSD sound format.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Advanced FPGA processing for uncompromised music reproduction

To maximise the potential of the new D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit, our engineers developed the amplifier using an advanced FPGA processor. This let them fully customise the technology and develop something truly unique.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Familiar analog‐like sound

Our DC Phase Linearizer works to effectively replicate a wide variety of sonic signatures. It applies digital-signal processing to match the phase characteristics of various types of analog amplifier to deliver a more analog-like sound.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Eliminating resonance with Acoustically Tuned Panel

The headphone amplifier's top panel is made from a combination of steel and aluminium. These materials each have their own resonance frequency, which when used in combination, suppress each other. The result is the effective elimination of unnecessary resonance. 

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Ideal sound isolation with FBW Chassis 

The TA-ZH1ES features a rigid FBW Chassis, which has been designed to isolate the circuit board from vibration. By minimising vibration and preventing lateral movement, noise is reduced for a cleaner, purer sound. The newly added wall structure is made from a large aluminium block for high rigidity.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Rigid and durable

The TA-ZH1ES features an innovative chassis design. The structure of the baseplate supporting the 'FBW' chassis has two layers for enhanced rigidity and a low centre of gravity. This added protection and durability enhances sound quality.

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Output connections

The amp utilises a variety of headphone output connections, including both balanced (4.4mm, 3-pole mini plug x2 & XLR4) and unbalanced (stereo standard plug, stereo mini plug).

Picture of Premium Headphone Amplifier

Input connections

The amp features several terminals to support a variety of input devices, including Walkman®, TVs and Playstation® consoles.