Slice of living

Making home entertainment more comfortable

You’ll be moved by what’s playing on your Sony TV, but the room will stay as relaxing as ever. The secret: new product design that takes cues from interior design.

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Design pallette
Design that feels at home in any home 

Imagine a design palette that consists of the shapes, patterns, and other elements found in a ‘slice’ of a living room scene. Most slices would include flat, slate-like objects – such as pictures leaning against walls, books on a shelf, or dishes on a table – so we used these as our basic building blocks during product design.

By utilising this palette and slate-like shapes to inform the look and feel of our new TVs, we were able to ensure that their slim design maintains the harmony of your living room while still making a statement.

Building on living room comfort

As slimmer bodies and thinner bezels make TVs less noticeable as distinct objects in a room, the room as a whole has greater impact on the viewing experience. Although we sought the same, highly immersive experience that people expect from BRAVIA™, we realised we should also think outside the box and build on the comfort of living rooms. This broader perspective – not just viewing itself but the bigger picture of viewing in a living room – inspired Slice of Living design.

Tako, Chief Art Director

A new standard, quietly composed

Structurally simple, 2016 BRAVIA TVs resonate with living room design because they’re composed of slate shapes, both in stands that seem sliced from walls or the floor and screens that recall pictures or windows. Not just slim, they’re also free of distracting elements. Across the new lineup cables can be routed through the stand, concealing it from view on all sides. Here, we’ve set a new standard in elegant TV design that keep your living room comfortable.

Design and engineering in sync

How would people like Slice of Living design? To find out, we asked people in several countries. Feedback on prototypes – especially for stands, which we had created in many shapes, at various angles, and in several colours and materials – brought preferences into clearer focus. Once we were convinced that this was the right direction to take in design, we worked out the details with our engineers. Even for sets as structurally challenging as these, our close collaboration made it possible without compromise.

Yokota, Art Director

Our new BRAVIA models are more than just exceptional engineering and beautiful product design. They form part of our wider mission to change the way you think about entertainment in the home. By understanding how products relate to – and interact with – their surroundings, we deliver rich emotional experiences that change how you watch, listen and play. Discover the difference Sony products can make in your home today.