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Resource saving that’s good to hear about

Mobile products revolutionize the way people live and work, and provide a brighter outlook for the future, through innovative functions and designs. Xperia™ Ear is one of those powerful tools. Learn how market expansion is balanced with environmental awareness.

Innovative products deserve advanced environmental performance

Worry-free performance including shock-resistance is essential for mobile devices you’ll want to carry around and enjoy any time.To be suitable, the material used would require the right performance characteristics.Introducing the new Xperia™ Ear, featuring SORPLAS™ recycled plastic exclusively by Sony.

Xperia Ear and Smartphone

What’s Xperia™ Ear?

It’s a new smart device that you wear on your ear for hands-free communication. Just talk to the digital assistant to use email, make and take calls, check and manage your schedule, all without having to take out your smartphone. 

Making our point on the outside

Just wishing won’t make it happen. The secret is to set concrete goals and work to achieve them.We looked at which parts used the highest volume of plastic as the way to reach our recycled plastic usage rate goals.

More recycled plastics could be used

Xperia™ Ear’s charging case. Considering the usage situations of the product, Sony decided on the grade of SORPLAS™ offering optimal shock resistance and paint adhesion characteristics for the case’s exterior. Repeated testing and improvements ensured that it was good enough for our quality products, achieving a recycled plastic usage rate of approximately 45%. What’s more, Xperia™ Ear incorporate a type of SORPLAS™ made with materials such as waste optical discs from factories and post-consumer recycled water bottles, which also supports recycling.

Tough against drops

Tough against drops

The external shell needs to be tough enough to protect the stored headphones as well as the case’s built-in charger. Repeated drop tests and design changes to improve shock absorption culminated in ample impact resistance.

Beauty that lasts

Beauty that lasts

The paint finish needs to be durable too, as the case is touched by cream moistened hands, jostled around in a bag, and carried around. So the material’s paint adhesion and chemical resistance was checked and confirmed.

Taking another look at packaging

We designed the package to offer emotional impact while being sensible and resource-saving. That includes redesigning the structure to require less paper usage. It’s a package that appeals.

Weight reduction of approximately 30%

Most packages are made of cardboard to offer sufficient protection during shipping. The Xperia™ Ear package uses recycled paper with a corrugated structure to greatly reduce weight compared to normal chip boards made of recycled paper while maintaining sufficient strength. This contributed to reducing weight as well as a substantial reduction in the amount of paper used.

Beautiful finish overcomes weaknesses

The ridged surface caused by a corrugated structure is overcome by applying a highly printable paper layer on the outside. A new technique was developed to insert slits in the paper where it folds, contributing to a package with beautifully printed surfaces and folded edges.

Xperia's package

Precisely controlling chemical substances for peace of mind

Sony has established its own global standards for the management of chemical substances used in its parts and materials, and applies them equally worldwide. Take brominated flame retardants (BFRs), for instance. Some BFRs are harmful to human health and tend to remain in the environment and accumulate in living organisms. Sony Mobile Communications has led the industry by banning their use in mobile phone (circuit boards, cables and casings) back in 2002. By adopting such measures already applied to Xperia™ smartphones and tablets, we have achieved zero usage of BFR in Xperia™ Ear.

Another step closer to a zero environmental footprint in the mobile field

The “Road to Zero” is Sony’s ultimate roadmap to a more sustainable world. In order to achieve the goals of Sony’s global environmental plan, we approached our new smart device from the perspective of resource saving, enabling us to expand the usage of recycled plastic and reduce the use of paper. Sony will rise to the challenge of expanding environmental initiatives in new products and categories as well.

Model availability may differ by region and country.
[Information as of January 2017 by Sony research.]

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