Sony's Full Array LED with rich contrast and immersive sound

Sony's Full Array LED TVs take your viewing experience even further, giving you beautiful contrast with rich, dark and vibrant colours, maximising highlights and lowlights on your TV while providing you with immersive sound. 

Conventional Edge LED Backlight

Struggles with deep blacks and bright highlights.

One row of LEDs has to try and balance light through the whole picture. Dark parts are not as dark, bright parts are not as bright - more blooming is likely.

Conventional Edge LED Backlight

*Simulated images.

Full Array LED Backlight

*Simulated images.

Full Array LED Backlight

Brighter highlights deeper blacks.

Intensity of the LEDs will be adjusted depending on the scene – light where light is needed, dark where darkness is needed.

Why Full Array LED?

The real benefits of Full Array LED with local dimming is that you get more realistic peaks of brightness, more accurate shadow detail and deeper, inkier blacks. A good example of this would be seeing the moon in the night sky. On an Edge-lit or Direct-lit TV, you would sacrifice the brightness of the moon for a blacker night sky (or vice-versa) and the blacks would still likely stray into blue or grey. On a Full Array LED TV with local dimming (like the X95H) you get a beautiful, natural picture, with a clear, bright moon and a dark, authentic night sky. 

Feel a picture with real life depth, with ultimate contrast

In addition to the contrast provided by Full Array LED, contrast is further enhanced by XR Contrast Booster. By precisely balancing light output across the screen by dimming some areas and boosting others, it adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow. As bright areas are brighter and dark areas are darker, scenes look more real with extra depth and detail. 

Bravia Full Array LED TV with image of female musician singing and sound waves emerging from the TV
Sound from the screen that perfectly matches the action

For an audio experience that matches how we sense the world, XR Sound Position brings you the reality of sound behind the picture. On a BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TV, sound follows the action for a fully immersive experience.

Model of living room showing TV that produces 3D audio sound waves, with faded ceiling and floor speakers that produce surround sound.
All your entertainment upscaled to 3D surround sound

With a BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TV, everything you watch gets the true surround sound treatment. XR Surround upscaling creates surround sound from the sides and vertically, so you can experience 3D audio without the need for in-ceiling or up-firing speakers.