Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Images of LED Power Lantern
Family camping at night using the CL-N810

Light up your next adventure

The CL-N810 is a bright, multi-purpose LED lantern with dimming that's perfect for camping and other outdoor trips. With a compact design that goes with you anywhere, along with a high-capacity battery and power bank so you can charge smartphones while away.

One light, so many ways to use it

  • Fishing
  • Roadside
  • Reading
  • In transit
  • Selfies

Go beyond the campsite

Take it on an early morning fishing trip or late night dog walk. Use it to deal with emergency repairs, reading bedtime stories or for creating the perfect selfie lighting. Anywhere you need light, the CL-N810 can go with you.

From darkness to brightness

Whatever you're doing, you have the light to do it perfectly. Highly efficient LEDs with wide angle diffusion provide up to 800 lumens of uniform brightness. Four stage dimming and multiple colours give you the freedom to adjust lighting to your needs or mood.

Warm to bright white range

Choose your colours

Go for a warm and mellow hue, bright white or a neutral effect to match what you're doing and how you're feeling.

Recharge and illuminate

No need to run out of juice. With a built-in power bank function, and dual USB ports, you can charge two smartphones at the same time while using the light.

25 hour battery logo

Up to 24 hours of power

Enough battery life to keep you lit up wherever you are.
100 lumens: 24 hours, 800 lumens: 4 hours.

USB charging logo

Dual USB charging

Dual USB ports charge two smartphones, or other devices, simultaneously.

Stay safe with an intelligent power controller

For safe operation and optimum battery life, the CL-N810 monitors temperature and automatically controls brightness when levels get too high. Plus, with Safe Charge, an intelligent power controller protects the device from overheating, excessive charging and discharging, and short circuits. 

Intelligent power controller
CL-N810 connected to extra power bank

Light up for longer with power bank

Take an extra power bank with you and recharge the CL-N810 with USB while the light is on. The ideal solution for extended camping trips.

Splash-proof, dust-proof

Being outdoors means being at the mercy of the elements. With IP54 compatibility, you can use the LED lantern in rain or even around the pool, though not while charging or discharging. It's also protected from dust particles and dirt, making it ideal for campsites, riverbanks and festivals. 

CL-N810 on a camping table in the rain

Light and compact

The CL-N810 fits in your backpack, and is easy to carry compared to bulky camping equipment thanks to its light compact design.

The CL-N810’s geometrically-patterned elastomer surface

Durable for fun times outdoors

The geometrically-patterned elastomer surface is easy to grip and resistant to scratching, even in harsh outdoor environments.

Specifications & Features
The CL-N810 is a bright, multi-purpose LED lantern, ideal for outdoor trips, campsites and beyond. Compact, and durable, the dimmable lamp can even recharge your smartphones with a dual USB power bank function.
  • Bi-colour LED (2700K & 5500K)

  • 4 step dimming from 100 to 800lm

  • Choice of 3 colour effects: warm, neutral and white

  • Dual USB ports for smartphone charging

  • IP54 splash-proof and dust-proof

Battery Capacity
10,000 mAh
Dimensions (W x H x D)
120.6 X 43.6 X 86.3mm
Approx. 405g
Max 800 Lumen
No. of USB Output Ports
2 ports
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