2.1ch Compact Soundbar with Bluetooth® technology

Picture of 2.1ch Compact Soundbar with Bluetooth® technology
Immersive sound, harmonious design

Discover cinematic sound quality, with a compact, neutral design. S-Force PRO Front Surround and optimal bass from a wireless subwoofer deliver living room-filling sound.  

Discover the HT-MT300

See how compact, interior-conscious design and
 virtual surround sound is perfectly in tune with your home.

Designed to suit your home

Beautifully crafted with soft angles and neutral earth tones, the HT-MT300 sits in harmony with your environment. 

Compact design

Space-saving and elegantly designed to fit your home.

Angled geometry

Soft angles to align with your furnishings.

Two neutral colours

Available in crème white or charcoal black to complement your interiors.

horizontal and vertical subwoofer
Easy placement, upright or under the sofa

Choose the best place for your subwoofer, with a 2-way configuration that fits neatly upfront and upright, or tucked discreetly under the sofa. Sofa Mode optimises bass frequencies and eliminates sound loss from sofa cushions.

Enjoy rich, cinema quality sound

Enjoy immersive, cinematic audio, and virtual surround sound in your living room with S-Force PRO Front Surround, a technology that reproduces a virtual surround acoustic field from only two front speakers.


Simple, neat connection to your devices with optical, digital and analogue audio inputs, and USB.

Smart playback 

Change settings and control playback from your phone with the Sony | Music Center (previously called SongPal) app, and stream easily from your smartphone or Bluetooth device. 

smartphone and soundbar
smartphone with NFC
All it takes is one touch

Simply touch NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets for instant Bluetooth pairing, and stream your favourite tunes directly.

Specifications & Features

Enjoy immersive, flexible listening with this mindfully designed soundbar. It delivers room-rilling virtual surround sound with S-Force PRO Front Surround and optimal bass with Sofa Mode.
  • Compact design to fit anywhere

  • Wireless subwoofer with flexible setup

  • Sofa Mode optimises bass for discreet subwoofer placement

  • S-Force PRO Front Surround

  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch

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