Ultimate resolution in an exceptional sound space

Every joint, every material and every component for one purpose – the ultimate expression of near field performance. Elevate your listening, and experience true audio enlightenment.


SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series

Picture of SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series
Signature Series

One Signature Sound

Elevating the high-resolution sound experience from one you listen to, to one you can feel.

The pinnacle of near field listening

The SA-Z1 is meticulously crafted to sit on your desk and provide you with a reference listening experience, whatever your choice of music.

Image of SA-Z1 connected to a laptop or PC
Play music from your laptop or PC
Image of SA-Z1 connected to Walkman or Xperia
Hook up your Walkman® or Xperia
Image of SA-Z1 connected to a dedicated digital music player.
Use with a dedicated digital music player
Discover the SA-Z1

Learn about the technology and inspiration behind our most premium near field powered speaker system, the SA-Z1.

Why choose the SA-Z1
Close-up of audio components
Acoustic structure
Close-up of circuit board.
Close-up of sound tuning controls.
Sound tuning function
Image of SA-Z1 connected to a Walkman.
Image of Signature Series range.
Signature Series
Sony expertise in precision-engineered powered speakers

The SA-Z1 brings together Sony’s legendary audio expertise, with first-of-its-kind custom componentry and benchmark audio technologies. Thanks to a trio of accumulated acoustic, electronic, and signal processing technology, SA-Z1 recreates music with exceptional presence and coherence.

Acoustic structure

With its coaxial layout and time alignment control, the SA-Z1 achieves both broad frequency response and accurate waveform at the same time.

Precise sound reproduction
'Tsuzumi' woofer layout for a deep acoustic field
I-ARRAY™ tweeters for wider frequency and off-axis response
Rigid body minimises vibration

The electronic circuitry and signal processing architecture in the SA-Z1 have been developed using the latest expertise from across Sony to reproduce High-Resolution Audio with ultimate fidelity. 

D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit
Close-up of circuit board showing FPGA processor.
Custom architecture on FPGA processor

Uncompromised music reproduction

Sony's engineers realised early-on that typical, off-the-shelf DSPs could never draw optimal performance from their unique D.A. Hybrid amplifier and coaxial speaker design. To overcome this, they built an original architecture on a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) from scratch – the most advanced signal processing for the most advanced digital architecture.

L/R synchronisation

Left and right speakers in perfect harmony

The OFC cable that transmits the high-speed differential signal between speakers is engineered to suppress signal reflection and loss, and shut out interference. This ensures accurate time alignment between left and right speaker – crucial for reproducing spacious sound.

Rear view of SA-Z1 illustrating left and right speaker synchronisation.
Diagram illustrating effect of DSD Remastering Engine.
Convert any source to DSD

DSD Remastering Engine by FPGA

The DSD Remastering Engine lets you convert all PCM music sources into DSD 11.2MHz. The technology uses the FPGA to convert any signal into the DSD sound format.

Preserving the feeling

New DSEE HX™ analyses song type by AI

Audio upscaling is improved even further by our new DSEE HX™ processing which intelligently recognises instruments, voices and musical genres. By identifying these and the relative energy of the audio, it can accurately rebuild audio lost during digital compression, for a full fidelity experience, even with compressed formats.

DSEE HX™ logo.
Sound tuning function

Take control of your sound. Tune it to your listening environment and your personal preference with lossless adjustment for both active and passive sound characteristics.

Change settings to your preference
Supported sound formats icon.
Supported sound formats

Support up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD 22.4 MHz.

Detail showing analogue-in connections and digital inputs.

Analogue-In connections include RCA, stereo mini, and balanced XLR. Digital inputs include USB-B, optical and micro-USB for Walkman.

Image of SA-Z1 connected to Walkman.
Pure Walkman® sound

To realise pure sound from a connected Walkman, the charging circuit can be deactivated.

Discover the Signature Series

Settle for nothing less than immersive excellence with the full range of Signature Series products. Designed for ultimate sound quality, they transcend audio conventions to elevate every note.

Specifications & Features

Part of the Signature Series, the SA-Z1 near field powered speaker system has been engineered to deliver a truly exceptional listening experience. By combining coaxial driver units layout with time alignment architecture, SA-Z1 overcomes the trade-off between frequency response and phase coherence – so you can explore a whole new world of sound.
  • Precise driver time-alignment with custom FPGA architecture

  • Coaxial layout drivers work as wide range single driver unit

  • I-ARRAY™ tweeters, for up to 100kHz frequency response and wide directivity

  • Horizontally opposed woofers and side ducts for wide and deep sound stage

  • D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit with GaN power device

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