Xperia: made for music

From everyday listeners to serious audiophiles, discover what makes Xperia the perfect choice for music lovers.

Engineered for audio

Discover some of the key features and technologies behind the exceptional Xperia recording and listening experience.

Introducing Music Pro 
How to use Music Pro
What the pros think of Music Pro
Superior hardware

Recent improvements to the hardware in Xperia devices have significantly enhanced the overall sound quality, whether you’re listening through the built-in speakers or your favourite set of headphones.

360 Reality Audio on your Xperia

Experiencing 360 Reality Audio on your smartphone used to require headphones – but the latest Xperia models now let you enjoy it on their built-in Full-stage stereo speakers too. So you can immerse yourself in sound all around you, almost as if you were there at a live concert or with the artist recording in a studio.

A woman with her eyes closed listening to music on her Xperia with Full-stage stereo speakers - dots of light around her head represent 360 Reality Audio
360 Reality Audio on Full-stage stereo speakers
A woman with her eyes closed listening to music on headphones - dots of light around her head represent 360 Reality Audio
360 Reality Audio with headphones

Artist reactions – listen with Xperia

Who better to judge music playback on Xperia than the recording artists themselves? We asked a few to share their thoughts.

Created in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment

To deliver sound as the artist intended, we brought in Mark Wilder, sound mastering engineer at Sony Music Entertainment’s Battery Studios, to tune and review Xperia speaker and headphone quality.

Image of Mark Wilder sitting at a mixing desk in a sound studio
Meet audio legend Mark Wilder

A senior mastering engineer at Battery Studios, part of Sony Music Entertainment in New York, Mark Wilder is a true legend of audio. In a career spanning more than three decades he has worked on over 3,000 albums and been nominated for 11 Grammys, winning six. No one is better qualified to comment on the Xperia listening experience.

"The sound has colour, dimension and feels anchored."

What’s your overall impression of the Xperia sound?

First, the sound has colour, dimension and feels anchored (solid, grounded). The details in reverbs, delays and other effects stand out and fill the space. The dynamics of each of the sounds in the mix are more revealed. Rhythmic elements feel like they are working together, so music is more exciting. This is a very musical phone, and the speaker experience is amazing.

It’s a big step forward in sound quality. The speaker playback is very grounded and solid with the richest tone yet. It’s a joy to listen to music through the speakers. The headphone output was very impressive as well. Dynamic with a complete soundstage, it was hard for me to stop listening.

Close-up of someone at an audio mixing desk, inserting a headphone plug into the 3.5mm jack on an Xperia smartphone
Image of Mark Wilder examining the Xperia 1 II smartphone

So how does the speaker sound?

What I really noticed about this Xperia is that it has a very clear voice. The detail, the ambience, the space between instruments is much clearer than anything I’ve heard from any other cell phone. It has more power and impact, it’s more exciting. The dynamic movement, from the small changes in dynamics to the more dramatic ones, are like those coming through a larger full-range speaker. That’s impressive because this sound relates to a much bigger listening experience.

How about when you listen through headphones?

Listening through wired headphones for the first time, I was really surprised by the sonic impact of this Xperia. The audio quality, the space, the clarity, the volume – everything about it seems much more together than I’ve ever remembered in a cell phone. I’m someone who travels with a Walkman® and I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could choose whether to enjoy music on my Walkman or my smartphone when out and about. That day has come I think.

Any thoughts on the 3.5mm audio jack?

I like my headphone experience wired. I feel more, in an odd way, connected. I really want the amplification coming from the phone and when I first saw this phone had a headphone jack, it put a smile on my face!

Perfecting Xperia's acoustic experience

See how Mark Wilder and Kenichi Matsumoto, Audio Engineer, Sony Corporation, collaborated on the Xperia sound.