Xperia 10 IV | Compact design | Light weight | 5000mAh Battery

Xperia 10 IV



Doing our bit to make things better

At Sony, we want to create a sustainable society and a brighter future, so we're implementing an array of environmental and social initiatives to help make it happen.

Zero plastic packaging0

As part of Sony's sustainability drive, the packaging for the Xperia 10 IV uses no plastic, with these components either eliminated or replaced with paper materials.
Logo of Road to Zero
Packaging for the Xperia 10 IV

Building a sustainable society, together

At Sony we also recognise that paper resources are limited, and are continually working to reduce paper usage. By excluding the charger and cable from the box0, we've made it about 50% slimmer than previous models. Since most Xperia customers already have compatible chargers and cables, we ask them to help our sustainability drive by re-using them.
Illustration showing Xperia, a world icon and a charger with a line through it

Making Xperia accessible to all

From enabling voice control to increasing text size, you can customise your Xperia 10 IV to suit your needs, using accessibility settings and apps.


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