Xperia 10 IV | Compact design | Light weight | 5000mAh Battery

Xperia 10 IV

A woman using an Xperia 10 IV to take a photo

Beautiful photos and videos made easy

With a triple lens camera and a range of useful functions for stills and video, capturing life has never been easier.

Composite image showing a food photo, a night portrait, a pet photo and a woodland photo demonstrating backlit correction

Just shoot. No settings needed. 

Superior Auto

When you see a photo opportunity you don't want to waste time choosing tricky settings. So the Xperia 10 IV keeps things simple, using scene, conditions and subject detection technology, then automatically selecting the ideal settings such as ISO and shutter speed for the best shot.
A stack of pancakes topped with berries and maple syrup
Food photo
A night time portrait of a woman in a tunnel of fairy lights
Night portrait
A woodland scene with bright sunlight streaming through the trees
Backlight correction
A puppy on a sandy beach
Pet photo* (*Auto mode animal detection only works with dogs or cats, other animals are not supported. Accuracy of the feature may vary according to breed characteristics.)
Close-up of the triple lens camera on an Xperia 10 IV in mint

From landscapes to portraits

Triple lens

From breathtaking landscapes to beautiful portraits, the Xperia 10 IV's triple lens camera has got it covered. With a choice of ultra-wide-angle 16mm, wide-angle 27mm, and telephoto 54mm lenses, a huge variety of shots is there for the taking.


Ultra-wide-angle shot of a man standing on a rock formation, looking out over a desert landscape
Wide-angle shot of a woman posing against a backdrop of urban architecture
Telephoto image of a white cat
Interior shot of two men and two women enjoying a celebration

Advanced blur reduction

Optical Image Stabilisation

When taking a photo, especially in the evening or in a dark interior, the slightest movement of your hand can cause the image to be blurred. But the Xperia 10 IV lets you take images with less blur, even in low light conditions, thanks to Optical Image Stabilisation technology.0


Low light image of colourful hot air balloons

Beautiful detail even in low light

Auto HDR

With photos taken in poor light, bright areas often appear whited out and dark areas are blacked out, so detail is lost. But the Xperia 10 IV detects this situation and automatically shoots in HDR, reproducing all the details in exceptional clarity.


London's Tower Bridge illuminated at night

Less noise in low light

Night shooting

Shooting at night or in low light, image quality is often affected by visual noise. But the Xperia 10 IV’s camera performance has been improved to ensure low light photos with less noise.


A dramatic mountainous landscape

Clearer zooming

Super resolution zoom

Normally, when you're shooting a subject in the distance using a smartphone's telephoto lens, image resolution is compromised when you zoom in. But thanks to the super resolution zoom feature on the Xperia 10 IV, you can shoot clear images even when zooming.0


An Xperia 10 IV in portrait position, displaying a selfie of a woman holding a dog

Stunning selfies with AI

Sharpen faces

When you shoot a selfie, especially indoors or in poor light, conventional cameras automatically try to reduce noise, causing details such as hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes to appear blurred. But the Xperia 10 IV uses AI technology to reproduce these details clearly and reduce noise. Your selfies have never looked better.


Record smooth, shake-free videos

Optical SteadyShot

Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) isn't just for stills, it works for videos too. When you're recording video on the move, unique Optical SteadyShot technology ensures the results are blurless and shake-free.

A brief explanation and demonstration of Optical SteadyShot.

Capture video with less blackout and whiteout

Thanks to expanded dynamic range, the Xperia 10 IV captures video with remarkably clear detail and less blackout and whiteout, even in high contrast conditions like bright daylight.0 

A brief demonstration of how the Xperia 10 IV captures expanded dynamic range images, with less blackout and whiteout.