Xperia 10 IV | Compact design | Light weight | 5000mAh Battery

Xperia 10 IV

A man viewing content on an Xperia 10 IV

An exceptional viewing experience

Boasting a beautiful 6.0” 21:9 wide OLED display, with no notch or camera hole to impair your view, the Xperia 10 IV lets you lose yourself in movies in full-screen.

An Xperia 10 IV in landscape position with a photo of a blue flower on its display

Breathtaking colour and contrast


Even brighter than the previous model, the 21:9 wide OLED display reproduces breathtaking images with vivid colours and true blacks. Drawing on Sony's many years of TV expertise, unique TRILUMINOS® DISPLAY for mobile technology optimises the display for movie viewing, reproducing exquisite, vibrant images.

Logos for 21:9 Wide, OLED, and TRILUMINOS DISPLAY
An image comparing the Xperia 10 IV's 21:9 Wide display with a smaller smartphone display

Browse more, scroll less

21:9 Wide display

The 21:9 Wide display is taller than most screens, giving you more space for browsing, maps, videos, social networks and more. 


Two Xperia 10 IV smartphones side by side, displaying the Multi-window function

See more, do more


The 21:9 screen easily divides into two sections – perfect for browsing the web and watching a video at the same time. In Multi-window mode you can quickly switch between your last used and recommended apps – making it faster to find the app you want in the top and bottom window.


Xperia 10 IV display showing messaging on the Pop-up window

Easy multi-tasking

Pop-up window

Suppose you're playing a game or browsing the web but want to quickly reply to a message? With the Pop-up window feature on the Xperia 10 IV, you can easily handle the new task, then get right back to what you were doing.