Xperia 1 IV | 4K HDR 120fps video recording with a 4K HDR OLED display

Xperia 1 IV



Two men in an urban setting using the Xperia 1 IV and accessories for vlogging

Create incredible video content

The Xperia 1 IV provides unparalleled video capabilities for creating and sharing content. Our first smartphone capable of recording 4K HDR 120fps video on all lenses , it lets you put your creativity to work in exceptional quality. Eye AF and Object tracking guarantee your subject is always in focus, while the Videography Pro feature offers manual controls for more creative possibilities. Meanwhile live streaming lets you share content on the go with your audience.

Record video in 4K HDR 120fps on all lenses 

Whichever lens you're using, the Xperia 1 IV lets you shoot high quality video in 4K HDR 120fps. You can then play back the 120fps content on the 4K HDR 120Hz Refresh-rate display with smooth and beautiful details. You can also select frame rate settings to shoot slow motion clips up to 5x.

Set on the stunning coastline of Cornwall, UK videographer James Matthews shot these breathtaking scenes on Xperia 1 IV.

A woman in a library looking towards the camera - a small white square over one of her eyes represents Eye AF for video

Eye AF brings videos to life

Sony is recognised by the industry for its outstanding AF capabilities. By detecting the human or animal eye and maintaining focus on it as your subject moves, Eye AF brings videos to life as never before.

Stay focused with Object Tracking for video0

Object Tracking can automatically track a moving subject and keep it in sharp focus, even when it doesn't have eyes or its eyes are obscured from view.0


A woman browsing in a library - a white square denotes Object Tracking for video

Three lenses for video content creation

The Xperia 1 IV gives videographers a wealth of creative opportunities with a choice of three lenses including ultra-wide 16mm, wide-angle 24mm, and telephoto with true optical zoom 85-125mm. All three offer 4K HDR 120fps video recording0 Eye AF and Object tracking.1 2
Close-up of Xperia 1 IV's triple lens camera with annotations for 16mm F2.2 12MP, 24mm F1.7 12MP & 85mm-125mm F2.3-F2.8 12MP

Seamless zoom0 lets you film more freely

With seamless zoom, from an ultra-wide-angle 16mm up to 375mm0, the Xperia 1 IV gives you the creative freedom of a bag of lenses, even during recording.


A brief demonstration of the seamless zoom function

Wider dynamic range

With new multi-frame shooting for videos0, you can record videos with a wider dynamic range without losing resolution.
Low-light exterior image of a woman gazing out over a cityscape

Optical SteadyShot™ with FlawlessEye™0

The Xperia 1 IV features Optical SteadyShot™ with FlawlessEye™0 which couples the image sensor’s increased reading speed with Sony’s original algorithm for optical image stabilisation. The result is supremely smooth, shake-free video footage.


Dual image of a cityscape at night - the image on the left is blurred, the one on the right is sharp

Record clear sound, free from wind noise

The Xperia 1 IV includes our industry-leading audio separation technology for highly-effective wind filtering.

Intelligent wind filter [1] OFF [2] ON.
Comparison of wind noise levels with Intelligent wind filter off and on
Xperia 1 IV displaying Videography Pro interface and an image of a woman in a library

Videography Pro gives you creative control

Drawing on Sony's expertise across a range of video and movie cameras, the Videography Pro interface lets you tailor manual controls to suit your needs, or rely on auto mode for total convenience.


Logo for Videography Pro

Other features for videographers

Live stream video direct to video streaming services0 with Videography Pro

No more waiting to share unmissable content – the Xperia 1 IV lets you live stream video direct to video streaming services from your phone using Videography Pro. With Bluetooth shooting grip GP-VPT2BT and the Endurance mode, you can stream for a longer time.0

[1] Video recording
[2] Live streaming
[3] Followers 
Annotated image of Xperia 1 IV in landscape position with Bluetooth shooting grip next to Xperia 1 IV in portrait position

Use your Xperia as a 4K monitor0 and live stream device for your Alpha camera1

Use your Xperia 1 IV as a 4K external monitor or viewfinder with a range of useful settings such as brightness, zoom and grid lines. And enjoy live streaming to video streaming services0 with Alpha image quality1 through the External monitor feature. Simply connect to a camera supporting USB video class (UVC).

[1] Alpha
[2] Xperia
[3] Live streaming
[4] Viewers
Annotated image of Xperia 1 IV in landscape position connected to an Alpha camera alongside an Xperia 1 IV in portrait position





New 12MP front camera for better video selfies

A new front camera with a large sensor lets you record 4K HDR video selfies and offers live streaming0 for instant sharing. Manual controls help you achieve the look you want, every time.


Image of a hand holding an Xperia 1 IV and taking a video selfie

Vlogging made easy

Whether you're a vlogger, a live streamer or just sharing with friends, the Xperia 1 IV lets you film yourself with outstanding imaging quality. And you can enjoy even more creative control and shooting freedom by attaching the Vlog Monitor1 and a Bluetooth shooting grip1, such as the GP-VPT2BT7.


Xperia 1 IV connected to the vlog monitor and Bluetooth shooting grip




Hands holding an Xperia 1 IV displaying Cinematography Pro interface

Enjoy 21:9 movie recording with Cinematography Pro “powered by CineAlta”

Record movies with similar parameters and colour settings to the professionals. Expertise from our Digital Cinema Camera engineers, Look colour management pre-sets, 21:9 ratio, 4K HDR, 120fps slow-motion, and 24, 25, 30 and 60fps give you all the tools you need. Just assign Cinematography Pro to the shortcut key to launch it fast and start shooting.


Logo for Cinematography Pro

Realise your vision with cinematic colour settings

Eight different Look colour settings let you bring the mood of different cinema styles to your videos. These include VENICE CS, inspired by our professional camera CineAlta VENICE, which features smooth colour gradation and a softer, lower contrast curve for a classic cinematic look that's perfect for drama productions.
Colour image of woman holding a parasol
Monochrome image of woman holding a parasol
Soft Monochrome

Other features for cinematographers

Film in 4K HDR 120fps

For greater creative flexibility, the Xperia 1 IV lets you shoot high-quality video in 4K HDR 120fps on all lenses0 1. You can also select frame rate settings to shoot slow-motion clips up to 5x.


Rain falling on a red parasol

Filter out wind noise for clearer sound

When you're filming outdoors, our industry-leading audio separation technology comes into its own, filtering out wind noise for clearer sound and dialogue.0

Intelligent wind filter [1] OFF [2] ON.
Comparison of wind noise levels with Intelligent wind filter off and on