Woman in roller skating gear using the Xperia 5 IV to record video

Capture moments like a creator

With the Xperia 5 IV, capturing your life on video couldn't be simpler. And with advanced technology from Alpha cameras, the results couldn't be better.

Because beautiful portrait videos are all about the eyes

Eye AF for video

Whether you're recording a person or an animal, Eye AF detects your subject's eye and maintains focus on it as your subject moves. Available on all lenses, it helps you create more polished, professional-looking video content to share online. 
Close-up portrait of woman with a white square over her eye denoting Eye AF for video
Wide-angle portrait of a woman with a white square over her eye denoting Eye AF for video
Portrait of a female roller skater at a skate park, a white square over her eye denoting Eye AF for video

Keeps fast-moving subjects in focus 

Object Tracking for video

The Xperia 5 IV not only keeps the eyes in focus, it can also automatically track fast-moving subjects as they move and record them in sharp focus too. Object Tracking for video is available on all lenses.
Two men playing basketball outdoors, a white square denoting Object Tracking
Dynamic image of two men playing basketball, a white square denoting Object Tracking
Man dribbling a basketball, a white square denoting Object Tracking
Close-up portrait of a woman, her hair blowing in the breeze, a seascape in the background

Dramatise your everyday moments with slow motion

4K HDR 120fps recording on all lenses

Whichever lens you're using, you can dramatise everyday moments by shooting in 4K HDR 120fps. You can also select frame rate settings to shoot slow motion clips up to 5x.

Dual image of a cityscape at night, the left image is blurry, the right is crisp and sharp
Left: Conventional
Right: Xperia 5 IV

Supremely smooth, shake-free video that wows

Optical SteadyShot™ with FlawlessEye™

Optical SteadyShot™ with FlawlessEye™ couples the image sensor’s increased reading speed with Sony’s original algorithm for optical image stabilisation. 

Composite, annotated image featuring a close-up of Xperia 5 IV's triple lens camera, alongside three portraits taken with 16mm, 24mm and 60mm lenses

 Get creative with a choice of three lenses

Realise your vision with a choice of lenses – ultra-wide 16mm, wide-angle 24mm, and telephoto 60mm. All three offer 4K HDR 120fps video recording, Eye AF and Object Tracking. Thanks to seamless zoom, you can also adjust focal length while recording video without any image degradation or blackouts as you transition from one lens to the next.

Videos with more contrast  

Wider dynamic range

With new multi-frame shooting for videos0, you'll notice the difference in video quality, even in high contrast conditions. With an expanded dynamic range, details are reproduced more clearly and you don't need to worry about whiteout or blackout.
Image of a woman and two men on a sunlit beach

Record your voice clearly. No more wind-noise.

Intelligent wind filter

The Xperia 5 IV features an industry-leading audio separation technology for highly effective wind filtering. So when you record videos featuring people speaking, you can hear what they're saying more clearly.

Intelligent wind filter [1] OFF [2] ON

Two audio readings comparing the effect of having intelligent wind filter off and on

It all starts with Alpha camera technology

The Xperia 5 IV was co-developed with the engineers behind the latest Alpha series cameras, renowned for their industry-leading autofocus technology. And just like Alpha cameras, it offers the same remarkable AF capabilities across all its lenses.0 1
 Xperia 5 IV in the foreground with Alpha series camera in the background

120fps read-out sensor on all lenses

All the image sensors on the Xperia 5 IV boast an incredible read-out speed of up to 120 frames per second, so you get the same fast performance on all lenses and can record in 120fps.0 1
Exploded view showing the three image sensors on the Xperia 5 IV's triple lens camera

Take selfies to another level

Video selfies never looked so good

12MP front camera

A new front camera with a 12MP sensor lets you record video selfies in 4K HDR, so you can enjoy high resolution images with outstanding contrast and gradation.
An arm's length selfie of a woman and man on a beach

Record yourself in even better quality

Vlog Monitor

If you want to record yourself in even higher quality using the three rear camera lenses, the Vlog Monitor0 offers even more creative control and shooting freedom.
Xperia 5 IV fitted with Vlog Monitor and Bluetooth shooting grip

Live stream your video selfies

Videography Pro live streaming0

The Xperia 5 IV lets you live stream your selfie content direct to video streaming services using Videography Pro. With Endurance mode and the Bluetooth shooting grip GP-VPT2BT, you can stream for longer.0
A woman recording a video selfie using Xperia 5 IV with external mic, mini tripod and Bluetooth shooting grip

All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Lens expression is equivalent to 35mm focal length.