A woman and man viewing content together on the Xperia 5 IV

Discover an immersive viewing experience

The Xperia 5 IV draws on Sony's motion picture expertise to deliver an exceptional viewing experience in a hand-fit design.

Xperia 5 IV in landscape position displaying a sunset image of dolphins leaping out of the sea

Lose yourself in the action

6.1" 21:9 FHD+ HDR OLED 120Hz Refresh rate display

Immerse yourself in a stunning FHD+ HDR OLED 120Hz Refresh rate display, with no notches on the 6.1" 21:9 Wide display to interrupt your view. So you can lose yourself completely in your favourite movies and TV shows.

Easier to view

Brighter display

The Xperia 5 IV features our brightest ever FHD+ display, up to 50% brighter than the previous model0, making it easier both to see and create content in bright lighting conditions.
Someone viewing content on their Xperia 5 IV in bright sunlight

See more in every scene

Real-time HDR drive

Real-time HDR drive0 reproduces the gradation of overexposed and underexposed areas and displays them smoothly. It also improves visibility by increasing contrast according to your environment.
A modern cityscape at sunset

Immersive cinematic viewing

Creator mode "powered by CineAlta"

Pre-set Creator mode "powered by CineAlta" as a default for your favourite content viewing apps so you can enjoy your favourite movies with colours reproduced exactly as the creators intended.
Hands holding an Xperia 5 IV in landscape position displaying a cinematic image of a woman on horseback

Immersive cinematic sound

Dolby Atmos® sound tuned in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment0

Dive into sound reimagined. Revealing depth, clarity, and details like never before, Dolby Atmos is a sound experience you can feel all around you. With more layers and sharper details, Dolby Atmos invites you into a richer audio experience that connects you more deeply with your favorite movies. Now you can experience Dolby Atmos® in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment with headphones or the Full-stage stereo speakers.
A woman and a man viewing content together on the Xperia 5 IV

Superior picture quality, whatever you're watching

Standard mode "X1™ for Mobile" 

The X1™ for Mobile for standard mode brings BRAVIA HDR remaster technology to everything you watch. Even streaming content will have more contrast, colour and clarity.
An Xperia 5 IV and a BRAVIA TV - both screens display the same image of dramatic rock formations

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