Man using the Xperia 5 IV to take a photo

Shoot perfect portraits

Featuring technology from the latest Alpha cameras, the Xperia 5 IV makes it easy to take exceptional quality photos, just like a professional photographer.

For portraits that pop

Real-time Eye AF on all lenses  

Real-time Eye AF lets you take stunning portraits, whether you're photographing people or animals. Even if your subject is on the move or one eye is covered, you'll capture memorable images full of energy and expression.
Close-up portrait of a roller skater, a green square over her eye denoting Real-time Eye AF
Seaside portrait of a roller skater, a green square over her eye denoting Real-time Eye AF
A roller skater at a skate park, a green square over her eye denoting Real-time Eye AF

Stay focused on the magic

Real-time Tracking on all lenses 

Real-time Tracking can accurately detect and focus on a subject, then keep on tracking even if it temporarily moves out of shot. 
A basketball player eyeing his opponent, a green square on his body denoting Real-time Tracking
A one-on-one basketball game, a green square denoting Real-time Tracking
A basketball player taking a jump shot, a green square denoting Real-time Tracking
Dramatic shot of basketball player in mid-air about to slam dunk

For those unmissable moments

Up to 20fps AF/AE HDR burst shooting on all lenses 

Up to 20fps continuous burst shooting, complete with autofocus and auto exposure, lets you capture those priceless split-second moments. And HDR (High Dynamic Range) ensures rich colour and contrast, whatever the lighting conditions.

Fast AF, whichever lens you choose0

60fps AF/AE calculation

The Xperia 5 IV continuously calculates focus and exposure up to 60 times per second.0 And with new algorithms for AF precision and performance, you'll get clear, in-focus shots of even fast-moving scenes on all lenses.
Multiple frames of a basketball player in mid-air

Leaves nothing to chance

AF coverage

For incredibly fast, precise AF, the main (24mm) sensor includes an array of 247 phase-detect focus points, covering nearly 70% of the frame.0
Image of basketball player overlaid with multiple small green squares denoting AF coverage

Advanced technology based on Alpha cameras

Co-developed with the engineers behind the Alpha series cameras, the Xperia 5 IV offers the same AF capabilities across all its lenses.0 1
Xperia 5 IV in the foreground, an Alpha series camera in the background

Outstanding ZEISS quality in your Xperia

ZEISS optics calibrated specifically for your Xperia smartphone. The ZEISS T* coating contributes to exquisite rendering and contrast by reducing reflections.
Logo for ZEISS
Close-up of triple lens camera on Xperia 5 IV showing logo for ZEISS T* coating

Great results in low light, both with rear camera and selfies

Dark scenes with less noise

Low light shooting

The Xperia 5 IV has a large sensor0 to capture more light, and BIONZ X™ for mobile to deliver outstanding results in all lighting conditions.
Low light portrait of two men on a beach at night

Outstanding low-light selfies

12MP front camera sensor

Despite the Xperia 5 IV's compact size, the new front camera has a bigger sensor and a larger pixel pitch than the previous model, ensuring even better selfies in low light.
Low light selfie of a man on a beach at night

Intelligent shooting support

Capture colours exactly as you see them

AI white balance

The Xperia 5 IV uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) white balance based on a huge database of images to capture and correct colours under any lighting conditions, and deliver true to life results.0
Split screen image of a pink and yellow flower - the white balance and colour look more natural on the right

Left: Conventional
Right: Xperia 5 IV

Get up close and see the detail 

AI super resolution zoom (up to 180mm)

Unlike conventional digital zoom, which compromises image quality, the Xperia 5 IV features AI super resolution zoom (up to 180mm), which uses Sony's AI processing to restore detail and definition to your pictures.0
A colourful hot air balloon against a bright blue sky

All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Lens expression is equivalent to 35mm focal length.