High-Res Audio Products

The Best Sound Quality for Every Occasion

For music lovers, the quest to find awesome sound quality never ends. And just because you’re listening to music on the elevator at work, while shopping at the corner grocery store or during your morning commute, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that superior sound quality. Sony has you covered with a wide range of High-Resolution Audio products for every occasion and location. Here’s a list of High-Resolution Audio gadgets that’ll fit your unique lifestyle – whether you’re hosting a big event or party, sweating it out at the gym or serving up an intimate dinner party with friends.

If you’re looking for superb audio gadgets that will fit your lifestyle, check out these High-Resolution Audio products.

Great Sound for Entertaining at Home

HAP-S1/S High-Resolution Player + SS-HA1/B Speakers

HAP-S1/S High-Resolution Music Player Top Features:

Great sound quality: Playback of DSD and the full range of high-resolution file formats

Storage capacity: 500GB of internal storage

Wired or wireless file transfer: The ability to transfer audio files from your computer via Ethernet or wireless connection

Software control: Download the dedicated HDD Audio Remote app to control your listening experience

SS-HA1/B Speaker System Top Features:

Sound-dedicated design: 13 cm woofer with dual layer design and front and top-mounted super tweeters

Great sound quality: High frequency dispersion and minimum diffraction

Looks sleek: Speakers housed in an aluminum cabinet

Why It’s Perfect for Hosting: Planning a party requires meeting obligations and paying attention to detail. Playing the right music (with the awesome sound quality) for your party is easy with the combination of the HAP-S1/S and the SS-HA1/B speaker system. Effortlessly add songs to your music player with a wireless connection to your computer. Feel the need to change the music to match the tone of the party? Just pull out your smartphone with the installed HDD Audio Remote to change the song from anywhere in your house. And rest assured that whatever music you play, the SS-HA1/B speaker system will make it sound flawless.

Audio Products for Exercising at the Gym

NWZ-A17 Walkman® + XBA-H3 In-Ear Headphones

NWZ-A17 Walkman® Portable Music Player Top Features:

Store hundreds of High-Resolution Audio songs: 64 GB of internal memory and a built-in memory card slot for up to 128 GB of additional storage

Superior sound quality: Supports High-Resolution Audio playback of WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC and more

Exceptional battery life: Up to 30 hours of High-Resolution Audio playback

Stream music wirelessly: Bluetooth® and NFC connections, compatible with XBA-H3

XBA-H3 In-Ear Headphones Top Features:

Premium sound: HD Hybrid 3-way Driver for deep bass and radiant musical detail

Beat Response Control: Perfect for today’s music genres, a special acoustic design helps control airflow and diaphragm movement for tight, deep bass response

Vibration Suppression Housing: Provides smooth frequency response and clear mid-high range sound reproduction

Customized fit: Secure and custom fit with easily adjusted ear hanger along with Hybrid Silicone Earbuds in 3 sizes to provide a precise fit

*If you prefer over-the-ear headphones or cannot find the XBA-H3 headphones in a store near you, the MDR-1A High-Resolution Audio headphones are also a great choice for working out. They feature a sound reproduction of up to 100 kHz and ergonomic ear pads for powerful response and long-term comfort.

Why It’s Perfect for Working Out: When you’re at the gym, you want to focus on improving your physical fitness, and playing music with the great audio quality can help motivate you. The NWZ-A17 Walkman® has plenty of room to store your workout playlist and get you to run that extra mile. The XBA-H3 headphones will allow you to immerse yourself in your workout with noise isolation earbuds and a tangle-proof cords that let you move with ease.

Audio Products for Hosting a Dinner Party

SRS-X88 Bluetooth® Speaker + NWZ-ZX2 Walkman®

SRS-X88 Bluetooth® Speaker Top Features:

More stunning realism: S-Master HX™ digital amp technology, developed for High-Resolution Audio, reduces distortion and noise across a wide frequency range—for rich, full-bodied sound

Music enriched: The DSEE HX™ upscales your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality, and makes you feel as if you are really there at the recording studio or concert

Listen loud and clear: ClearAudio+™ optimizes audio so you hear all your music with clarity and separation

High quality wireless listening: LDAC new audio technology from Sony allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth

NW-ZX2 Walkman® Portable Music Player Top Features:

Store hundreds of High-Resolution Audio songs: 128 GB of internal memory

Great sound quality: Supports high-resolution playback DSD, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3 and WMA files

Superb battery life: Up to 33 hours of high-resolution playback on a single charge

High quality wireless streaming: Provides top wireless Bluetooth® music streaming with Sony’s new audio technology LDAC™

Why It’s Perfect for Dining: Casual dinners with friends aren’t complete without the perfect playlist. The SRS-X88 allows you to take the superb sound quality that you are used to enjoying by yourself and for you and projects it for all of your friends to enjoy. You can take the portable speaker anywhere in your house, from the kitchen while you are preparing the food before the guests arrive, to the dining room for your guest to enjoy. And anyone can connect a digital music player to the speaker, so if you need to unplug your NWZ-ZX2 to check on the appetizers, someone else can take over.

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