Full Specifications & Features


Size & Weight

11 g (without cable)

General Features

Closed Type
Closed, Hybrid
Hybrid 3-way – 16mm dynamic + 2 Balanced Armature
Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini


Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Enjoy music as the artist intended with High-Resolution Audio

Take your digital music collection to another level with High-Resolution Audio. By converting analogue music to digital at a higher rate than CD (24-bit/192kHz, rather than 16-bit/44.1kHz), High-Resolution Audio allows you to get closer to the original studio recording and enjoy your music just as the artist intended.

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

High sensitivity for a loud, clear performance

With a high sensitivity of 107dB/mW, these headphones are highly efficient in converting electricity into acoustic signals. That means you’ll hear a louder sound across the entire audio spectrum (compared to less sensitive headphones) when listening to music through the same source and at the same volume level.  

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

A 3-way hybrid driver system for full-spectrum sound 

Clear highs, full-bodied mid-range and rich bass notes – that’s what you hear for a 3-way hybrid driver system. Combining dual Balanced Armature drivers with a powerful 16mm dynamic driver, sound is reproduced in detail and fidelity across the entire frequency range. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Aluminium LCP diaphragm for intense clarity

Hear even and balanced sound with reduced resonance for all your music – from rich bass to crystal clear High-Resolution Audio highs. An ultra-light but durable aluminium, liquid crystal polymer diaphragm has more consistent internal loss across all frequencies. So you’ll hear the same great audio no matter what you’re listening to. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Dual Balanced Armature drivers for robust highs and mids  

Fine-tuned for richer in-ear audio. Light and compact, Balanced Armature drivers are engineered for the precise, efficient reproduction of mid- and high-end frequencies, so every vocal line soars with crystalline clarity. Their small, sealed design also enables us to reduce the size of the earbuds for a tighter, more secure in-ear fit that minimises sound leakage.

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

All-magnesium Super Tweeter for soaring highs 

Get soaring highs with precision clarity thanks to a responsive, all-magnesium Super Tweeter. One half of the dual Balanced Armature drivers, the Super Tweeter has a magnesium diaphragm that is quick to respond while reducing resonance. The result is pristine, distortion-free high-end notes. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Wide frequency response for a full range of sound

The wideband frequency range – spanning 3Hz to 40kHz – is designed for today’s broad variety of music styles, with the 3Hz low end of the frequency range picking up every powerful sub-bass note. At the 40kHz high-end, you’ll be able to enjoy vocal melodies, subtle audio harmonics, and tonality in outstanding clarity, as well as feel sound beyond your natural hearing.

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Balanced 4-wire connection cuts cross-talk

With a balanced 4-wire connection and silver-copper dual cord, audio channel separation is improved for better sound. Unlike conventional headphones, which share a ground wire, the cord includes left, right and independent ground wires for both channels, so you’ll hear less distortion and cross-talk. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Dual layer cord for balanced listening 

Listen through the supplied dual layer cord for rich, authentic sound. The cord’s central copper wire is covered in a layer of silver, allowing it to deliver clear highs and warm, rich bass. So all you hear is pristine, balanced sound, with room to move thanks to a 2 metre length. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Bluetooth® accessory cord for listening freedom

Listen with the freedom to move through the built-in Bluetooth accessory cord (not supplied). The short behind the neck cord features a microphone, battery, and a Bluetooth and NFC block. Simply attach to your earbuds, touch your NFC smartphone to the cord to make an instant connection, and then stream your favourite tracks or take calls through Bluetooth. No NFC? No problem. Connect manually via Bluetooth and enjoy the freedom of remote listening. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Made in Japan for superior quality 

Made in Japan, Sony products are synonymous with absolute quality and performance. Only the finest components and manufacturing techniques are used to create headphones that push the boundaries of sound purity. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Three sizes of earbuds for comfortable listening

Find the perfect fit for your listening experience. Choose from three sizes of earbud for comfortable and secure listening. The earbuds are made from silicone foam, ensuring a snug fit and reduced sound leakage. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

Mouldable ear hangers for a secure fit

Don’t worry about your earbuds falling out when you’re on the move. Mouldable ear hangers are crafted from shape-memory resin core – a light, durable material that moulds to the shape of your ears – for a secure, comfortable fit. 

Picture of XBA-Z5 In-ear Headphones

PHA-3 compatible lets you hear High-Resolution Audio 

Take your music further. The optional PHA-3 portable DAC amp takes the digital output of your PC, smartphone or Walkman® and converts the signal to an analogue output for amplification. One of the world’s first headphone amplifiers to support 384kHz/32-bit PCM, DSD (5.6MHz), and balanced audio output, it’s perfect for pairing with these headphones.