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You don't need to be an expert to capture fabulous memories. With Photography Pro and Cinematography Pro on some of our Xperia smartphones, anyone can shoot and film like a professional. Here's how.

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Our best smartphones for shooting and filming

Inspired by Alpha cameras and CineAlta Digital Cinema Cameras, our phones with Photography Pro and Cinematography Pro put the power of capture and creation at your fingertips. 

Photography Pro

More creative control, extra precision

Master the art of photography using controls found on Sony's Alpha cameras. Easily select the right settings for your shot including shooting mode, focal length, shutter speed and exposure. These videos help you take truly professional photos on your phone. 

Overview of Photography Pro

Take a quick walk through the main features of Photography Pro in this overview video.

Introducing P Auto 

See how to take great snapshots without complicated settings, especially recommended for pets and children.

Learn about S Mode

Find out how easy it is to adjust shutter speed when shooting fast-moving objects.

Master exposure

Get the hang of exposure and see how it can give your photos a whole new look. 

Focus made easy

Discover different focus modes and how to use them for different types of photos.

Practice shooting

Compose and capture inspiring photos, full of beautiful colours and brilliant detail - practice makes perfect.

Basic mode

Enjoy fast access to a range of easy-to-use photography features, from a touch shutter button to Bokeh effect.

New features for 2021

Discover all-new features including Real-time Tracking, four lens transition, AI super resolution zoom, and MR mode.

Cinematography Pro

All the tools you need for studio-quality filming

Create movies on your phone with parameters and settings that mirror those used by professionals. Cinematography Pro helps you select the right colour profiles, aspect ratios, frame rates, focus and other variables using an easy user interface. Take a look at these videos to see how.

Revolutionise your workflow

From shooting to editing, you can do it all on your smartphone with Cinematography Pro.

Overview of Cinematography Pro

Get to know the main features of Cinematography Pro in this overview video.

Learn about the pro interface

Select settings and adjust them with a tap using simple and intuitive controls.

Discover Look settings

Find the perfect tone and mood by selecting from nine colour management presets.

Understanding manual focus

Easily set focus markers and adjust them while recording for true movie realism.

Learn about autofocus

See how to continuously focus on objects positioned in the centre of the screen.

Get to grips with exposure

Discover how to shoot beautiful movies by adjusting shutter speed and ISO settings.

Master white balance

Adjust variances in white balance using auto, custom and preset settings.