Take inspiring photos with Xperia

We've teamed up with professional photographers to show you how to capture all kinds of high precision shots on your Xperia smartphone.

Action shot of man on horseback
Enthralling motion

Nick Didlick

Award-winning photographer with over 40 years experience capturing sports and motion photography for the world's media.

Beautiful landscapes

Ira Block

A globetrotting landscape photographer who has led National Geographic expeditions in 10 countries.

Landcsape shot of city
Portrait of woman in water
Expressive portraits

Kazushi Momoi

An Alpha camera lecturer and photo exhibitor with over 30 years experience as a portrait photographer across the world.

Active pets

Akiyo Ogawa

Leading pet photographer who has captured the lives of over 30,000 pets in Japan. 

Shot of dog playing
Image of mother and daughter at waterside location
Engaging family photos

Ippei & Janine

Husband and wife photography team who specialise in spontaneous family photos in which children take centre stage.

All images taken with Xperia 1 II and Xperia 5 II.

Travel By Xperia

In 2020, our everyday lives changed dramatically – including how we move from place to place. At a time where physical travel may still feel like a distant daydream, #TravelByXperia is designed to help people across the globe reconnect over their love of adventure. From captivating cityscapes to local delicacies, explore the world with Xperia; you never know what you may find.

To join us on this journey, simply capture the wonderful scenery, food and culture of your country using your Xperia device, and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #TravelByXperia. Our official Sony MobileInstagram @SonyXperia will then select the best shots to share within our feed and Story.

 In order for @SonyXperia to share, you must:

Read and accept the terms and conditions before entering this campaign
Follow @SonyXperia
Post using the following hashtag: #TravelByXperia
Add the name of your country, e.g. #France
The name of your Xperia device, e.g. #Xperia 5II

The model of your smartphone does not matter, so long as you are shooting with an Xperia. If we feature your photo, we will contact you first via Instagram DM. 

To view the Terms & Conditions