Sound Quality

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Designed in collaboration with professional gamers to help you get the edge over your rivals.
A person holding a plastic gun in a computer game world aiming at a 3D model with rings around the foot for sound

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

Hear, react and respond first. By hearing the direction and distance of opponents, you'll always be one step ahead of your competition. 
Image of a smartphone with an ear displayed on-screen and various different ear shapes and sizes in the background

A sound field tailored to you

The sounds you hear are impacted by the unique shape of your ear. By analysing not only the shape of the outer ear, but also the acoustic characteristics of the ear canal, the INZONE Buds offer more precise spatial sound.

The perfect audio for your ear shape

Create a personalised hearing profile by taking photos of your ears using the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer feature in the smartphone app. Then you can enjoy your game with unmatched spatial accuracy.
A gamer with a phone over their ear and a representation of an ear on-screen

Optimised for your ear canal

Each ear canal is unique, so headphone performance varies from person to person. INZONE Buds play test sounds from driver units and use feedback microphones to measure how the sound fills your ear canal. Based on the acoustic analysis, the sound is then personalised using the INZONE Hub PC application, ensuring a truly personalised spatial listening experience.
Close-up of a person wearing the INZONE Buds with 3D overlay, displaying how sound waves are directed within the ear

Experience 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

Want to hear how Spatial Sound works with your favourite devices? Put your headphones on and immerse yourself.

Be fully immersed in the gaming experience 

By faithfully reproducing every sound within the game, from powerful explosions to subtle footsteps, you'll feel transported into the world of the game. This is made possible through a specially engineered Dynamic Driver X unit that is designed for wide frequency reproduction, and which is also used for WF-1000XM5. The diaphragm structure, which utilises different materials for both the dome and edge, ensures minimal distortion and a clear sound quality, delivering an unparalleled level of auditory realism.
Close up of the Dynamic Driver X unit
Image of sound waves being received and emitted from the INZONE bud

No distractions and a quality soundscape

Sony's active noise cancellation capability helps to block out background noise, so that you can focus on your game. An 8.4 mm driver delivers high-quality sound, all the way from low frequency bass to higher register tones.
Monitor showing the interface of the INZONE Hub PC

Have it your way

Our INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalise your INZONE Buds by customising a wide range of operations, including a variety of sound and hardware settings and tap operation customisation. Fine tune sound frequencies to your game, for more clarity and immersion, using the EQ function.