Make sure your voice is heard

The high-quality, bidirectional boom microphone was designed to rest close enough to your mouth so that your voice is always heard clearly. The bidirectional design is also more adept at isolating your voice and filtering out ambient noises, so your teammates can catch your orders loud and clear even in the most frenetic firefight.
Close up of a gamer using the bidirectional boom microphone that is part of the INZONE H5 headphones

Clear communication powered by AI

Precise Voice Pickup Technology

The INZONE H5's microphone doesn't just rely on design to help you deliver crisp, clear communication. It also leverages machine learning built from an AI. Our noise reduction algorithm was developed with AI machine learning using more than 500 million voice samples to suppress ambient noise and extract your voice clearly in a wide range of environments.
Image displaying how the INZONE H5 can cut out background noise to allow the gamer's voice to be clearly heard

Flip up to mute

At the end of your gaming session, the microphone can be muted in one easy operation by simply flipping it up. 
Side profile of a gamer wearing the INZONE H5 headphones with the microphone in its upright, muted orientation