Xperia 1 V – New Exmor T for mobile sensor and 4K HDR OLED display

Xperia 1 V


Sustainability & Accessibility

Packaging for the Xperia 1 V

More reasons to choose Xperia

From zero plastic packaging to accessibility features, find out how we're working to become sustainable and inclusive.

Making packaging sustainable

As part of Sony's sustainability drive, the Xperia 1 V features no plastic packaging, with plastic components either eliminated or replaced with paper materials. We've also made the packaging slim and compact for more efficient transportation.
Logo for Road to Zero

Original Blended Material

The Xperia 1 V's packaging uses Original Blended Material, which is made from bamboo, sugarcane fibres, and post-consumer recycled paper, all of which are readily available around the world's largest manufacturing hubs in Asia.
A selection of sustainable materials

Using recycled plastic

At Sony we’ve reduced our use of non-renewable resources by developing SORPLAS™, a recycled plastic that is environmentally friendly and offers high performance, making it ideal for our new products.
A vial of recycled plastic material alongside a pile of black plastic fragments and a pile of white plastic fragments

Improving accessibility

From enabling voice control to increasing text size, the Xperia 1 V includes a range of accessibility features, enabling anyone to communicate freely, whatever their individual needs.
Illustration showing a diverse range of people

Photography Pro accessibility features

With the latest Photography Pro, you can opt to have a sound played when your Xperia camera tilts to one side or the other. So even if you are a person who is low vision, you can take a straight picture. The UI has also been updated to make it easier to use.
Image of someone lining up a photo on their Xperia 1 V – a musical note represents the sound played when the camera isn’t level