Xperia 1 V – New Exmor T for mobile sensor and 4K HDR OLED display

Xperia 1 V

Close-up of a camera image sensor on a circuit board, capturing beams of light

Next-generation sensor captures more light than ever

Developed by Sony, the all-new Exmor T for mobile sensor on the Xperia 1 V, together with AI processing, contributes to image quality that's twice as good as its predecessor in low light . It also enables exceptional colour expression.

How does the new sensor work?

The new Exmor T for mobile image sensor has an innovative 2-Layer Transistor Pixel – one for the photodiode and one for the phototransistor – enabling it to capture more light and significantly reduce image noise. In fact, the noise level is improved by 2x compared with the previous model under low-light situations.0

Innovative sensor meets advanced processing

The new sensor is supported by the latest computational processing to reduce noise and enhance dynamic range in low-light situations, with impressive results never seen before on a smartphone.

Spectacular view over distant mountains swathed in low cloud at daybreak

Capture amazing shots even in dark scenes

Using the latest computational processing to reduce noise and enhance dynamic range, this feature lets you capture bright images even in dark scenes where details are barely visible to the naked eye.
A cityscape at night, photographed from an elevated position

Cinematic video, no colour grading needed

Based on the S-Cinetone loved by professionals in the Cinema Line and Alpha series, S-Cinetone for mobile allows easy shooting of a cinema-like look and produces impressive images with beautiful skin tones without post-editing. Combined with high frame rate video recording at up to 4K and 120fps on all lenses, it gives you greater scope for creative expression.0

This short video is an example of S-Cinetone for mobile, available on Xperia 1 V. A woman walks through a room of dark wood, lit by daylight through a row of windows. Seats line the sides of the dark room, with bright daylight in the background presenting a challenging, high dynamic range, filming scenario. Despite this, it is possible to see the details of the room, furniture, and outside.

The woman sits, and we see her from multiple angles and in different lighting. In the final shot — a close-up of the woman — she stands close to the window, with both the full light falling on her face, and a shadow from the window frame, capturing a cinematic shot to highlight her beautifully pale skin and red lips as she turns towards the camera.

A selection of six photographs arranged in a grid

6 preset looks, just like Alpha 

Like some Alpha cameras, the Xperia 1 V features Creative Look, a selection of 6 preset looks to use when shooting photos or video. You can even customise the presets to suit your creative vision, saving you post-processing time – so you can share your work on social media straight after shooting.0
A motorised tuk tuk being driven along a city street
Some people next to a train on a platform in a large railway station
Close-up on a hand holding a bunch of herbs in a rural setting
Portrait of a young person wearing a hoodie and woollen hat
A street vendor carrying large bags of brightly coloured plastic balls
Dynamic image of skateboarders in an urban setting amidst colourful smoke

Record in 4K HDR 120fps

No need to compromise on quality – the Xperia 1 V lets you shoot stunning video in 4K HDR 120fps on all lenses.0 1 You can also select frame rate settings to produce up to 5x slow-motion clips.
Image of two Xperia 1 V smartphones with labels indicating the 24mm front camera and the three rear lenses - 16mm, 24mm with Exmor T for mobile sensor, and 85-125mm

Create content with a choice of lenses

The Xperia 1 V wide-angle 24mm lens is paired with the new Exmor T for mobile sensor with 2-Layer Transistor Pixel. The camera set-up is complemented by the ultra-wide 16mm, and the telephoto with true optical zoom between 85 and 125mm. All main lenses offer 4K HDR 120fps video recording1, Eye AF, Real-time tracking and ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating, which contributes to the superior optical quality of images by minimising unwanted lens effects such as reflections. An improved 12MP front camera completes the camera set-up.1
Logo for ZEISS
Close-up image of the true 85-125mm optical zoom lens within the Xperia 1 V

True optical zoom lens with no image degradation

With true 85-125mm optical zoom, the Xperia 1 V offers images free of digital degradation between 85mm-125mm. Combined with optical stabilisation and Real-time Eye AF and tracking0, it's ideal for portraits with optical bokeh.

See the difference with improved AI

Conventional processing is supported by the latest AI to deliver exceptional results. In addition to accurately calculating depth information for fast, precise Auto Focus, AI is now used to compute Auto Exposure too. It also ensures accurate colour reproduction, even in complex lighting environments.
Low-light portrait of a young person in an urban setting at night

Beautiful skin tones

The Xperia 1 V can achieve incredible natural skin tones under various light situations. 
An urban setting, two young people in the foreground, two young people on motorbikes in the background, and bright blue sky

Stand out portraits

The Xperia 1 V has a new improved bokeh mode0 that will elevate your portrait pictures closer to professional cameras, even at night.
Close up of a person shot at an angle during the night with a blurry city background

Shoot shake-free video

The Xperia 1 V features Optical SteadyShot™ with FlawlessEye™0 which couples the image sensor’s increased reading speed with Sony’s original algorithm for optical image stabilisation. The result is supremely smooth, shake-free video footage.
Side-by-side images of a young woman at night – the left-hand image is blurred, the right-hand image is sharp

Improved front camera

The 12MP front camera sees further improvements over the previous model, with enhanced noise reduction in dark areas of images, and 4K 60fps video recording.0

New shooting assist functions

Enhanced functions to assist photo and video shooting include focus peaking, and the phone now offers vertical UI as well as horizontal for improved operability.
Xperia 1 V displaying an image of flowers on its screen with the focus peaking UI

Professional technology from Alpha cameras

The Xperia 1 V was co-developed with the engineers behind the latest Alpha 1 series cameras, renowned for their industry-leading autofocus technology, and with input from professional photographers, who helped tune the technology and refine the photographic experience and results. And just as Alpha photographers expect the same performance in any lens, so the Xperia 1 V offers the same AF capabilities across all its lenses. 

An Xperia 1 V in the foreground, a Sony Alpha camera in the background An Xperia 1 V in the foreground, a Sony Alpha camera in the background
Dramatic burst shooting image of a skateboarder doing a trick in an urban setting

Fastest ever burst shooting up to 30fps

On all three main lenses, continuous burst shooting has evolved from 20fps to 30fps – the same as the professional Alpha 1 camera and our highest-ever burst shooting capability on Xperia.
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Portraits of a skateboarder and a cat – each subject has a small green square over one eye, indicating the Eye AF function

Eye AF brings portraits to life

Whether you're photographing people or animals, Real-time Eye AF lets you take engaging, expressive portraits with all three main lenses. Accurate face detection is performed by AI.
Image of two people on a motorbike, waving to friends, showing the subject tracking UI

Stay focused on a selected subject

Drawing on Alpha AF technology, the Xperia 1 V can precisely track any subject you select on all three main lenses, whether you're shooting photos or videos.
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The perfect smartphone for vloggers

If you're a vlogger or live streamer, the Xperia 1 V offers a host of features to make life easier and enhance your content. You can also add the Vlog Monitor and a Bluetooth shooting grip, such as the GP-VPT2BT, for even more creative control and shooting freedom.

A minute to make incredible videos0

Vlogging has never been easier. Just select your photos, videos, music0 and the duration, and the Xperia will automatically create an influencer-level video.
Image of a directors clapboard on a green background

Product Showcase Setting, ideal for review videos

Shooting a video review? Activate the Product Showcase Setting and the main camera will automatically focus on the subject at the centre of the frame, switching easily between you and the product you´re reviewing. For total convenience, use it with the Vlog Monitor0 on a tripod. 

Enhanced live streaming functionality

You can now live stream on YouTube and RTMP (Real-time Messaging Protocol)0 while still benefiting from the Xperia 1 V's many camera features, including S-Cinetone for mobile. A new live chat viewing function1 has also been added so you can interact easily with your audience.
Xperia 1 V in landscape position – on its display we see a live streamer and the chat viewing function

Record speech more clearly

Along with stereo microphones for recording surrounding sound, the Xperia 1 V has an extra Voice priority microphone, enabling you to record speech clearly while other sounds remain in the background. It also features the Intelligent wind filter, our industry-leading audio separation technology to filter out wind noise.
Front-facing and rear-facing Xperia 1 V smartphones with graphics indicating the location of the Voice priority microphone and the regular stereo microphones

Let Xperia and Alpha work together

Combine Xperia with your Alpha camera for an even more effortless creative experience. You can control Alpha from your Xperia, use it as an external monitor, and share your Alpha photos online within moments of shooting them.

A person in a rugged landscape – he has a Sony Alpha camera slung round his neck and is looking at his Xperia 1 V A person in a rugged landscape – he has a Sony Alpha camera slung round his neck and is looking at his Xperia 1 V
An Xperia 1 V acting as an External monitor for a Sony Alpha camera, with Zebra Pattern UI

Enhanced External monitor functions0

Now with enhanced features such as Peaking, Zebra Pattern, and backup recording, Xperia's External monitor functionality is on a par with many professional monitors.
A person using an Xperia 1 V as an External monitor for a Sony Alpha camera

External recording function

When you use your Xperia 1 V as an external monitor for your Alpha camera you can also record video in the Xperia 1 V's internal memory, adding extra storage to enhance your workflow.
A live streamer using a Sony Alpha camera with an Xperia 1 V as an External monitor

Easy live streaming with your Alpha

You can use the External monitor feature on the Xperia 1 V and a 5G connection to stream live to YouTube or RTPM from your Alpha camera.
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Creative production starts here

Creators’ Cloud is a platform that supports creative work from shooting to production by combining advanced Sony camera technology with cloud-based AI. It’s also a place for discovery and collaboration with other creators around the world. Explore web, mobile, and PC-based apps providing efficient solutions that integrate cameras with shooting and production apps and services. Creators' Cloud plays an important role with Xperia, enabling you to access, manage, download and upload your content when you're out in the field. 
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The best of Sony camera technology

Xperia smartphones are packed with the same advanced camera technology and know-how that underpins Sony's professional camera line-up.

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Lens expression is equivalent to 35mm focal length.