Xperia redesigned for you

The Xperia 5 V is designed to fit neatly into your lifestyle, with a simple and flat form, and a camera unit matched with the body colour for an iconic look.

Image of three Xperia 5 Vs in black, silver and blue angled to meet in the centre of the picture

Substance meets style

The design matches any outfit and situation. A compact, practical form lets you handle any operation with one hand, and it's a powerful tool to share your world. 
Image of a person talking on a silver Xperia 5 V whilst reading a brochure in a bedroom
Image of a person taking a close up photo of a branch using a black Xperia 5 V
Close up image of a silver Xperia 5 V lying on a bench with a person sitting next to it

Beautiful in look and feel

A flat, slim design, accentuated by neutral colours. A fine-grained metal frame and frosted glass rear creates a comfortable ergonomic experience which invites interaction—yet remains fingerprint free.
Image of the back and front of a silver Xperia 5 V shot at an angle and meeting in the middle of the image

The essential selection

Pick a colour that matches your style. From a sophisticated Black, created through a combination of texture and tone, to a tranquil Platinum Silver or an iconic, fresh Blue0.
Image of a black Xperia 5 V sitting on a sheet of black plastic and grey granite
Image of a silver Xperia 5 V sitting on a variety of natural grey materials
Image of a blue Xperia 5 V sitting on a sheet of glass and blue granite

Seamless design

The Xperia 5 V matches the design of other Sony products, including headphones, so you can enjoy a seamlessness with other products. 
Image of a silver Xperia 5 V sitting next to a pair of Sony headphones and a lamp on a desk