A battery that can last until the next day

With a 5,000 mAh battery, you will forget about running out of power. The Xperia 5 V has enough battery to keep up with you until the next morning, with up to 50% battery left. More time to do what you love and need. 

Three way split image of three people using an Xperia 5 V to read, listen to music and watch videos
Image of an Xperia 5 V charging on a dock with a battery icon and 100% on the screen

Wireless charging-ready

Quick and convenient, just rest your Xperia 5 V on any compatible charge pad0 and let the technology do the rest.
Image of a black Xperia 5 V with a Sony headphone case sitting on the back

Share the power

You can use the Xperia 5 V as a wireless charging pad to top up your other devices, such as headphones0.
Image of a person holding a silver Xperia 5 V standing next to a concrete wall

A battery built to last

Batteries naturally lose their charge capacity over time. Xperia Adaptive Charging was designed to prevent this by ensuring the battery isn't overworked as it charges. This keeps the battery healthier for up to 3 years0.

Performance for comfortability

Designed to keep its cool

A new processor, improved thermal management and a 40% increase in heat diffusion sheet volume, help the Xperia 5 V stay cool, even during extended periods of intense use. 
Image of a person leaning on a wooden table with a glass using an Xperia 5 V
Image of expanded Xperia 5 V on a green background showing internal components

Extraordinary performance

The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile platform0 uses ground-breaking AI to power extraordinary new experiences and increase battery efficiency. It‘s faster and more efficient when handling multiple tasks, so you can shoot photos and videos, watch content, browse, connect, and play for longer–all without compromising on performance. 
Image of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 logo

Protection from drops and scratches

The Xperia 5 V uses Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2 in the front and back, which contains an average of 22% of pre-consumer recycled content. It also maintains superior scratch resistance and improves drop performance on rougher surfaces.
Image of the CORNING Gorilla Glass logo
Expanded image of an Xperia 5 V highlighting the glass panels at the front and back

A little water is no big deal

Enjoy the freedom to take pictures close to the water, whether at the pool or beach. The Xperia 5 V is IP65/68 rated, which means you don’t have to worry about water or dust impacting your device0.
Image of an xperia logo surround by water drops

Security at your fingertips

Unlock your phone quickly and conveniently using your fingertips. This makes access easier than ever, while keeping the contents of your phone safer.
Icon image of a fingerprint in multiple colours
Close up image of a button

Make the change

Whether you're switching from an Android or an iOS device, it's easy to make the change and to transfer all of your data and apps to your brand new Xperia0.
Diagram of two phones with numerous icons and arrows moving from the left phone to the right one

Swap SIMs in seconds

If you're travelling abroad and want to switch the SIM card, the Xperia 5 V's SIM tray is designed to open easily and without special tools. The Xperia 5 V also supports a wider choice of carriers offering eSIM convenience0.
Image of a person opening the sim card slot on an Xperia 5 V, with two sim cards next to it
Image of the 5G logo

Connect faster with 5G

Faster download speeds, smoother streaming, and high-resolution compatibility with super-fast 5G speeds on the Xperia 5 V.
Image of a WiFi 6 CERTIFIED logo

Welcome to Wi-Fi® 6E

With Wi-Fi® 6E you can enjoy higher download and upload speeds, lower latency, and improved connectivity, even when multiple devices are connected to the same network.
Image of Wi-FI and 5G/4G with arrows pointing to each other in a repeating pattern

Connectivity, made smarter

Smart connectivity takes Xperia's deep learning technology powered by Sony's Neural Network Libraries and analyses Wi-Fi signals to predict near-future connectivity issues. This means you will always be on the best connection available, whether that's 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi.