Elevate every game

Get in the game! The Xperia 5 V supports your gameplay whether your play for fun or to win. Share the moment of joy with a high-quality video, screenshot or even with livestream.

Montage image of 2 people playing games on their Xperia 5 Vs, all shot at different angles

Game enhancer gives you the edge

Game enhancer is your gaming control centre, letting you customise features and settings to create the perfect player experience. And now it comes with a refreshed interface. 
Image of an Xperia 5 V with a game enhancer interface on screen on a purple 3-D effect background

More features. More fun.

Whatever your style of gaming you'll have more fun playing alone or with friends, with dedicated features for all types of gamer.

Be heard loud and clear

The Optimise voice chat feature makes your voice crystal clear. Your commands through voice chat help lead your team to victory.
Close up image of a person playing a game on their Xperia 5 V focusing on the mic component on a pair of wired headphones

Don't let low battery get in your way

Planning a long gaming session? Heat Suppression power control (HS) helps keep your phone cool and protects the battery when it's connected to a charger. All while maintaining optimum gaming performance. 
Image of a person playing a game on their Xperia 5 V whilst it charges
Phone A has an orange background with arrows to battery and system, Phone B has a green background with arrows to system only

Focus on the game

With Competition set, notifications will be disabled so that you won't be bothered by calls, messages or notifications while you're playing0.
Image of an Xperia 5 V with the Focus settings interface on screen

Go back in time and record

The Rewind time record allows you to record the previous 30 seconds of your game footage. So you'll never miss your best moment. 
Split image of two in game shots with a rewind and 30 second symbol in the middle

Record, save and share

Everyone loves a highlight reel. With the Xperia 5 V you can record at up to 120fps0, to impress your community with fluid smooth videos.
Image of an Xperia 5 V with the Recording quality interface on screen

Screenshots with a click

When you're playing, your hands are busy and it can be hard to capture a screenshot. But the Xperia 5 V's physical shutter button isn't just for taking pictures—a quick tap instantly grabs a screenshot, and you don't need to change the grip or the hand position to do it.
Close up of a person playing on an Xperia 5 V with a finger hovering over the shutter button

Co-developed with eSports professionals

We've fine-tuned many features to be optimised for professional gamers. Precision controls, a 240 Hz Touch scanning rate and Fast Touch response all mean you get faster, more responsive gaming.
Close up image of a person playing a game with both hands on an Xperia 5 V

Light up the dark

The L-γ raiser0 (Low gamma) makes it easier for you to see in dark places without overexposing bright areas of the screen. Spot enemies in the dark and strike first.
An Xperia 5 V with a split in-game image on screen, the left is dark with text OFF, the right is bright with the text ON

See the action more clearly

The Xperia 5 V lets you adjust the white balance, so that you can see the action clearly and won't be surprised by your opponents0. It's also better for your eyes and means that you can play for longer without strain.
An Xperia 5 V with a split game image on screen, the colours differ with DEFAULT text on the left and CUSTOMISED the right

Enhance what you hear

An audio equaliser lets you adjust to hear minute sounds, like footsteps or distant gunshots. This means you'll know where your opponents are and can react before they do.
Image of an Xperia 5 V with the audio equaliser interface on screen

Stay powered up for longer

With a powerful battery and latest chipset, you can enjoy your favourite games for longer when you're far away from a power outlet.
Image of a person outside playing a game on a black Xperia 5 V

Optimised with Snapdragon Elite Gaming™

The Xperia 5 V comes optimised with Snapdragon Elite Gaming0 for superior performance. 
Image of the Snapdragon elite gaming logo

Streaming made simple

If you're a streamer or are thinking of starting, the Xperia 5 V offers a range of useful features and settings designed to make it easier for you to connect with your followers and build your fanbase.

Design your livestream0

Using intuitive UI, you can easily select a streaming account, change the title or description and choose a vertical or horizontal layout. You can also create a thumbnail, adjust the sound settings and much more.
Image of an Xperia 5 V with a Live streaming interface on screen

Keep an eye on your stats

With the Xperia 5 V, you can check your viewer stats, share content to social networks or adjust settings, all while streaming live. You can even use the chat box to interact with followers or enable/disable features, including the stream microphone or privacy screen0.
Image of an Xperia 5 V with a Chatbox interface on screen

See everything in summary

When your stream is over, a pop-up will appear that displays approximations of your key stats. This includes duration, total views and followers. If you want the most precise stats, you can access YouTube Studio to get the full story0.
Image of an Xperia 5 V with a streaming summary interface on screen