Xperia 5 V Selected Video Text Transcript

This video introduces the Xperia 5 V smartphone.

Colourful animated dots, along with the title “Xperia 5 V”, transition into a close-up shot of the rear of the smartphone, held in the hand of a woman (“Coco”) as she rises from her bed, walks down a hallway, then stands the phone vertically on a kitchen table.

She steps back from the table and the title “Hand shutter” is superimposed over her holding an open hand in front of the Xperia's front-facing camera. A shot from the Xperia camera's point-of-view recognises her hand with a white circle, and we cycle through a series of posed photos, captured using the Hand shutter function, before returning to a shot of the phone in Coco's hand.

An extreme close-up shot follows her finger as she swipes up the screen to share the image and we transition, through her social media profile, to a retail clothing store where she selects clothes with friends. She uses her Xperia to capture photos of her friends in different outfits, including shots from the camera's perspective. Then we zoom directly into the lens on the rear of the Xperia with the title “New image sensor”.

A shot of the Xperia screen demonstrates the camera interface, and a selection of different colour settings, with the title “Creative Look”. Several images of her friend trying on outfits are shown captured using Creative Look, then we cut to a shot from the Xperia's perspective as Coco swipes quickly through shots.

A thumbnail grid of images on the screen is used to transition to a night-time scene, with friends at a candle-lit rooftop party, under the title “Night shooting”. Several shots of the partiers reveal how dark the environment is, but they are followed by clear and well-lit, but still natural, photos as captured by the Xperia 5 V in the low light.

The Xperia is stood on a ledge, using the optional Style Cover, to capture a final image of the friends, then the shot transitions to Coco's studio space via a handmade sign that reads “Upcycle Studio by Coco”. Coco briefly interacts with the camera for her vlog, and we cut to various scenes of Coco and a friend shooting recycled-fashion vlog content. The title “Soft Skin Effect” is superimposed over a clear close-up shot of Coco talking to the camera.

Outside, the vlogging continues with material cinematically flowing in the breeze used to highlight the titled “120fps slow motion” feature. Then the title “Always in focus” is displayed over a close-up shot of the Xperia video interface, while recording various action, including shots of Coco with sharply-focused plants and containers in her hands.

Back in her living room, a shot of the Xperia screen shows a selection of various videos in a gallery from her vlog, followed by an extreme close-up shot of the “Auto edit” button on screen. The button is pressed, and the title “Video Creator” appears as Coco interacts with a simple on-screen video editing timeline interface and her vlog recordings.

We cut to a bedroom where an overhead shot shows Coco stretched on the bed, enjoying music from her Xperia, using the titled “Full stage stereo speakers”. A wide shot shows her dancing on the bed, before cutting to another close-up of her holding the Xperia, watching videos under the title “21:9 HDR OLED”. The camera slowly pans out to reveal her wearing Sony WH-1000XM5 noise-cancelling headphones then, as the camera spins, day turns to night, and she is still watching videos with the title “All day battery” on screen. 

Still, at night, we cut to Coco lying on her bed, playing and streaming a mobile game with the Xperia's Game enhancer settings visible on the screen.

The video then cuts back through a montage of previous scenes, including the store, studio, and rooftop, including shots of her friends and other creators capturing selfies and images, and viewing content. Finally, we return to Coco's bedroom and a shot of the back of the Xperia in her hands, with the title “Every day with” wrapping around the phone.

The video ends with a quick animation of coloured dots, transitioning to a product shot of the three Xperia 5 V colours (Platinum Silver, Blue and Black) on a black background, then the Sony animated logo.