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    I have registered my Catalyst applications but now see an "Invalid License" error on launch. How do I fix this?

    This error can sometimes occur after migrating a system from one machine to another.
    To correct an Invalid License error, try resetting your software activation. The steps below explain how to do that:

    Press and hold Shift + the Windows key while launching the application.
    Press and hold Shift + Command (⌘) while launching the application. Please note that this keyboard shortcut works best from the Applications directory, rather than the Dock.

    This should bring up a window prompting you to log in to your Sony account, after which the activation should proceed as normal.
    If that does not correct this issue, you may need to manually remove the license files from your previous Catalyst application registrations.
    After installing the app, an error message is indicated that the software needs to have administrative access to the computer in order to register and function properly.