Images of USB PD compatible AC adapter
Images of USB PD compatible AC adapter
Images of USB PD compatible AC adapter


Ultra-fast charging (46.5W) for devices with USB PD technology

Charge smartphones, tablets, portable consoles and even notebook computers with the powerful USB PD (Power Delivery) output. Up to 39W can be delivered to compatible devices by safely increasing the voltage to the USB-C port, giving you 5 times the power you get from a conventional USB charger. The USB-A port can also simultaneously deliver 7.5W to a second device. (1) CP-ADRM2 (2) Conventional AC adapters supporting 0.5 A

Charge two devices simultaneously

One USB-C and one USB-A port lets you charge two devices at the same time.

Sony's Safe Charge

Our AC adapter features a heat resistant design, and an Intelligent Power Controller to maintain safe and reliable performance with repeated use.

Premium matte surface

The special treatment applied to the matte surface helps to prevent scratches. Carry it in your bag without worrying about the wear and tear caused by general use.

Charge both USB Type-C and other USB devices

Thanks to USB PD technology, larger devices like notebook computers can be charged at speeds similar to a dedicated AC adapter. Charge a wide range of smartphones, tablets, cameras and more using the conventional USB-A port and your micro or mini USB cables.

100V - 240V worldwide voltage

Ideal for travelling, 100V-240V compatibility means you can charge your devices wherever you are in the world.

Quickly and efficiently charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop and more using this USB AC adaptor with USB Power Delivery (PD) technology
  • Ultra fast charging with up to 46.5W total output

  • USB PD technology

  • Dual USB output (USB-C, USB-A)

  • Sony's Safe Charge technology

  • 100V-240V worldwide voltage

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